Media Kit for Bloggers: The Customizable Template to Download {Freebie}

I sometime comes for every blogger for the first time: "Can you just send us your media kit?" How great it would be if you did not then (like me) in a literal Night and fog action makeshift to put together a few facts and figures. And if you were not so terribly unsure what to say and show everything. That would be pretty great. That's why I had an idea:

A template for a Blogger Media Kit that can be customized easily & quickly

If you're a blogger looking for professional and exciting Contacts to the outside world is interested, then an appealing media kit is essential to basic equipment. As an individual short presentation, it provides the other person with a quickly comprehensible and lasting impression of the blog (ger) personality and the most important facts.

Ideally, you should be able to update it yourself at regular intervals and incorporate new content without In addition, the design must be able to optimally represent your blog and the topic and represent individual elements.

The solution: A Powerful PowerPoint Template - ready to use

For anyone who has had trouble creating their own media kit, I now have a template that easily adapts. It was lovingly hand-carved by nomadic bloggers on singing unicorns in the blogger wonderland and can do that:

  • Compact presentation of the most important topics and facts on 1 or optionally 2 pages.
  • You only need basic knowledge of PowerPoint for editing.
  • All content can be individually edited, recoloured and relocated.
  • With little effort you can adapt the template to your own blog style

What it looks like:

Blogger Media Kit Template Free Download Template PowerPoint |

Page 2 (optional)

 Blogger Media Kit Template Free Download Template PowerPoint <br>

How to make a complete template just your own Blogger Media Kit:

  1. Do Download and save the file by mouse click (see below).
  2. Open the file in PowerPoint.
  3. Customize the fonts, colors, borders and images to suit your blog design and taste on.
    Tip 1: All elements can be individually selected, edited and moved. So you can create an attractive, individualized layout with PowerPoint basic knowledge.
    Tip 2: The pictures are in template frames. You can remove the existing images, drag your images into the frames, position them in the desired location and save them, for example.The provision and distribution of the file by third parties and the commercial use, distribution or reproduction is expressly excluded without the consent of the author.