Honey-filled goat cheese balls in a pistachio coat

M orgen the time has finally come! I wish you all nice and relaxing holidays with lovely people, great gifts and relaxing walks in the cold air. Maybe you've been driving on snow-covered highways today, just sitting on the train, or just preparing the last things for tomorrow in the kitchen?

I hope you like it, wherever you are. We gave ourselves the full TV program today (including the Little Lord , that's for sure) and have been lolling on the couch all afternoon. The man has served two excellent gin and tonic before, with some goat cheese balls on the table - and so we are now slumbering towards Christmas Eve. Tomorrow morning it will definitely be hectic again (as it always is) - but we do not think about it yet.

I would like to recommend the goat cheese balls very warmly: creamy goat cheese with honey filled and gets a bright green pistachio coat. The combination of the spicy cheese, the liquid honey kernel and the slightly crunchy pistachios is great! And the little things can be used very versatile: as Knabberkram, greeting from the kitchen, intermediate, to the salad, as a special cheese variation for dinner or midnight snack. However, they are usually very fast all. So why not make a few more?

And here's the recipe for honey-filled goat cheese balls in pistachio:

And so it goes for about 16 balls:

honey (best in the bottle) cold Cut

250g of soft goat cheese into approximately 16 even cubes and chill as well.

From 1 small sprig of rosemary pluck off about 10 needles. Rosemary together with 50 g blanched pistachios (there's the turkish or at the oriential candy stand) in the food processor cut short - there may still be a few larger pieces. Put the ground pistachios on a plate.

Remove honey and goat's cheese from the refrigerator.

Honey-filled GourmetGuerilla.com

Roll a ball from a cheese cube. Flatten this gently and press in with a fingertip a small recess. Add a small amount of honey to the well. Gently squeeze the edges over the filling and roll a ball again with both hands. Make sure that the honey can not run out due to cracks.

Honey-filled goat cheese balls in a pistachio shell | GourmetGuerilla.de

Roll the cheese ball in the ground pistachios. Do the same with the rest of the cheese.

Put the finished goat cheese balls in the fridge until they are served.

With Gourmet Goat Cheese Balls in Pistachio Mash GourmetGuerilla.com

Hint: Goat Cheese and Honey likes to like a bit of sharpness. Sprinkle before serving e.g.