{Aperitif & Cocktail} Pink Appletinis, wonderfully pink and so tasty. Cheers - on us darling! #drintank

A When the child was very young, the man and I loved meeting once a week at the red dresser in our hall for a drink. The red dresser with the two doors, three drawers and four carefully arranged bottles on top of it was our little improvised house bar.

We were just a party couple who moved all night around the houses and over the neighborhood ( how to do that in Hamburg just like that) and sleep in the dolls followed by doner kebab breakfast. A few months later, we had a small, screaming miracle at home, which has not only very effectively prevented sleep but also absolutely every other previously known activity. The man and I were feeding, rocking, buying diapers, disposing of diapers, seldom slept for three hours at a time, eating virtually no food together, rubbing spit stains from just about any garment, finding pacifiers in the most incredible corners Weeping with exhaustion and laughing with happiness - and sometimes looking at ourselves in this turbulent vortex of parental love and care. "Are you there? Is there still the human being I fell in love with and with whom I had so carefree fun in the past? "

One day I was so exhausted again. The child had one of those "phases" that put young parents in terrible self-doubt and with a keen willingness to buy into the counseling department of the nearest bookstore. Only under the biggest efforts of the day, the offspring had fallen asleep in his bed that day and I felt like an old, over-tired mop. The man had a wonderful idea.

"May I invite you for a drink?" Zack! There she was again. The full force of adult love

As I turned the corner of the bedroom, he awaits me at the red dresser in our hallway. He had nicely arranged a few bottles, prepared us two drinks in beautiful glasses and - I am very sure - put on an almost spotless shirt. A candle was burning. He raised his glass, toasted me. "May I invite you for a drink?" Zack! There she was again. The whole force of adult love. The feeling of having an identity even as a couple - beyond the father and mother role. It was a wonderful, magical moment: two of us at an IKEA chest of drawers in a slightly wobbly old-style corridor with drinks in their hands. I have never felt more adult.

This moment has given us strength and the confidence that we can do it all somehow. Since then we've been careful to meet every now and then at the small red dresser bar in our hallway and celebrate a few undisturbed moments as a couple.

Unfortunately, I'm not sure what the man is served at that time - it's been more than 10 years now. Probably it was something with gin. But if someone happens to find a wonderfully pink, tasty, but not too sweet drink urgently attractive, I highly recommend the Pink Appletinis. As an aperitif, cocktail or as a couple drink.by Monin)
4 large ice cubes or 8 small

apple slices as decoration


Shaker *

= "col"> And this is how it works:

All ingredients (except for the apple slices Place in a shaker and shake for about 30 seconds with jiggle bartender movements.

Strain into two decorative bowl or martini glasses (the ice cubes remain in the shaker). Rub the apple slices with the squeezed lemon halves so they will not brown and float on the drinks.

Ice cold and with a toast to enjoy the life, the universe and all the rest.

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